Aug 20, 2009

An Introduction

Hi, I'm a not so normal 13 year old who has a severe obsession with Japan (visual kei, lolita - not what you think!, anime, manga, dramas...). I'm new to blogging and I'm really bad at writing, so please be kind. :)

I guess I should tell you a little about me. I currently go Hunter College High School (if you know a little about it, you probably think I'm a super nerd). I love fashion and I recently became obsessed with crafting. I have quite a lot of friends, but I'm not a huge fan of using cell phones, chatting, and all the other ways of communication other than talking in person (hence why my good friend Chris always gets mad on facebook). I guess you could say this blog will be like me coming out of my private shell.

So to sum it up, this blog will be about my daily life and all the other odds and ends I feel like posting. Have fun!

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